November 16

Dharma Talks

Buddhists from around the world are able to connect through the power of the web. You can find us everywhere, including playing slots at

The MRZC has hosted many weekend retreats over the years, and we have a large library of dharma talks given by our guest teachers. Here is a selection of those teachings for your study.

  • Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon — to be read or chanted at the beginning of a Dharma teaching.

Zoketsu Norman Fisher

  • Suffering and the End of Suffering
    November 21, 1997. In his introductory remarks at a weekend sesshin, Zoketsu suggests that we respect the forms of our practice during a retreat period. If we do not, we may not end our suffering before we are dead.
  • Seeing Things As They Actually Are
    November 22, 1997. Drawing on teachings from quantum physics and Manjusri Bodhisattva, Zoketsu encourages us to see things as they actually are, that is, full of empty space.
  • Sitting Down, Getting Up
    November 23, 1997. To help us face the challenges of everyday living, Zoketsu explores the teachings of compassion, through three kinds of courage: the courage of the king, of the ferryman, and of the shepherd; and through the practice of the Four Immeasurables.
  • Wandering Around in the Diamond Sutra, Part I
    May 6, 2000. Zoketsu introduces the emptiness teachings of the Vajrachedika Prajna Paramita Sutra, also known as the Diamond Sutra.
  • Wandering Around in the Diamond Sutra, Part II
    May 7, 2000. Zoketsu continues an exploration of the essential emptiness of phenomena, as taught in the Diamond Sutra, with a discussion of the practice of renunciation.
  • Hearing the Sounds of the World
    May 2002. In Volume Five, Part One of the Shurangama Sutra, the notions of sound and hearing provide the focus for a profound and beautiful Dharma lesson. Zoketsu Norman Fischer gives us his reading of the Sutra and reflects on listening and hearing in our lives today.
  • Bewilderment
    January 4, 2003. Zoketsu discusses his own life story, poetry, being a priest, and the unknowable nature of our life.
  • Going Forth : Taking Up the Practice of Peace
    November, 2004. Zoketsu gives us some suggestions in how we can transform ourselves into an Army for Peace.

Jan Chozen Bays

  • Cherish the Sangha Treasure
    Chozen enourages us not to neglect the sangha jewel of the Triple Treasure.
  • The Practice of Freedom
    Chozen examines the Four Noble Truths as a doctrine to bring freedom into our lives.