September 29

Weekly Zen Practice

Wednesdays 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Sundays 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Format: zazen, kinhin (walking meditation), zazen, service (sutra chanting), tea.

1st Wednesdays:
The council decided to have a less formal sitting time once a month. On the first Wednesday of every month we will not have service.

Timekeeper will light a stick of incense and keep time in the regular way. 5 min before the end of the second sit, the timekeeper will light a second stick and at the end of period lead everyone in nine bows.

Tea will be served silently and in our usual way, and when everyone is served there will be informal discussion.

3rd Wednesdays: zazen, kinhin, service, reading and discussion with tea.
All others: zazen, kinhin, zazen, service, tea.

Sundays:Zazen, kinhin, zazen, service, tea.

If you are coming for the first time and are new to Zen practice, please phone ahead and we will arrange for you to have an orientation session during the first sitting period.

At the Mountain Rain Zendo
(meditation hall)
6183 Fraser St., Vancouver, BC
(NW corner of 46th Ave.)
Entrance up back stairs off 46th, third door at end of porch.

Contacts for Further Information

Kate and Michael at (604)462-0604 or Martha at (604)873-3008.

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